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Indoor Climbing Wall

Common Questions

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What ability levels are your sessions appropriate for?

At GRIT Collective, the sessions are suitable for any level of ability.

We will adapt the sessions to suit your needs and create an experience that is appropriate for the participants.

All that we require is an attitude to listen and learn so that our sessions can be safe.

Who are your sessions aimed at?

At GRIT Collective, inclusivity is definitely our key focus. However our sessions our aimed at everyone.

Whether you have a disability or not, it doesn't matter, we will do everything we can to get you climbing in a way that works for you.

At this time we will only be able to cater to those who have 1 to 1 needs (ie do not need other volunteers), please get in touch if you have any queries or concerns.

What age are your sessions suitable for?

Our sessions are suitable for anyone aged 6 upwards.

I want to climb but the session prices are inaccessible for me?

Do I need to bring any kit to sessions?

We will be providing any necessarily kit required to get you started in your climbing sessions. 

If you start coming to our sessions on a regular basis we would certainly recommend investing in some equipment but it is certainly not essential.

What can I expect in my first session?

Your first session will be about getting to know you and giving you a taster into a climbing experience.

We will set you up with all the gear and just focus on getting you in the harness and giving it a go!

At GRIT Collective, we want to ensure that everyone can climb. We have options in place to provide sessions to those who cannot access sessions due to their prices. Please contact us directly and we will make the required arrangements to get you climbing!

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